Spitfire for plastics

The Plastics Experts

Developing Spitfire AMS for the plastics industry has not been simple due to the complexities of our specific industry.  We have single shot and two shot, then added to that process, we could then have a variety of secondary operations before we have a finished product. All of this coming from a variety of tooling configurations, using ancillary products and different forms of processes and packaging. 

Many MRP / ERP systems fundamentally do the same - but where Spitfire AMS comes into its own is when we get into the detail of the plastics industry.

We understand about tooling configurations and the difference between single and twin shot moulding. We understand the end goal, and we know how to get there, in fine detail. This could move onto over-moulding or even hand finishing, trimming, or inspection.

We know the process is not always finished there, with heat inserting, sonic welding and pad printing as just some of the secondary operations you may be dealing with.

All of these processes will require consumable products whether it is mould cleaner or mould release, through to heater bands and packaging. Everything needs a place to live and needs to be tracked throughout the factory - and this is what Spitfire does, making sure the job can be completed on time in full!

Going from chaos and confusion into a state of relaxation... everything has its place and is fully trackable within your facility.

With the added facilities such as bar coding, Spitfire has the ability to offer FULL TRACEABILITY on material from the second it arrives at your factory, through to the finished product. With just in time label printing, the time, date, batch code and operator can all be tracked.