Induction / Training day with Wheatley Plastics

What an amazing day with the team from Wheatley Plastics yesterday, with the first day of training completed for their new Spitfire ERP / MRP management system for Injection Moulding. This gave us the opportunity to meet more of the Wheatley Plastics team, and get to know more about them and their business. Getting a true understanding of how they operate really helps us design a system that can achieve 90% satisfaction for them, with the further 10% in development bespoke for them.

We don’t want customers, we want to work with partners where we can really add value, increase efficiencies and profit. Many of the plastic’s focused elements of Spitfire help to manage processes more efficiently with a much greater level of details, removing every possible opportunity for mistakes to be made.

The system also enables our partners to be more professional in the eyes of their customers, with a uniform look and feel for all documentation including quotations, order confirmations, delivery notes, labels, and invoicing.

We are really looking forward to the journey that we have only just begun with the whole team at Wheatley.

Spitfire AMS – Supporting UK Manufacturing and the UK Plastics industry.

“Wheatley Plastics is a leading supplier of plastic injection moulding services with expertise across a wide range of industries including electronics, medical, packaging, construction, retail and plumbing.”