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Plastics Manufacturing

MRP / ERP designed specifically for Plastic Injection Moulding, and the Plastics Industry

Office Products / FMCG

E-Commerce Website with Spitfire Back Office System for full business management

Step in to the Pilots' Seat

You are at the heart of the system as soon as you open the door. Spitfire Software has been developed over the last decade to manage ALL requirements and resources within the FMCG and Manufacturing markets.

We have over 60 years of combined knowledge from deep within the Office Products and Plastic Injection Moulding industries – Spitfire has been designed for these markets by experts within these markets. This knowledge means that we understand your industry, not just how to design and develop an amazing back office system. 

FMCG – Multi-Channel Selling – Manage all of your Marketplaces in one system. From Stock Control to Automatic Order Importing. Including Amazon and eBay. Drop Shipping and Just-In-Time Purchasing – If your Suppliers support it, you can drop-ship your orders or purchase everything you need, as you need it. Perfect for all of those who resell I.T or Office Products. 

MANUFACTURING – Manage every aspect of production from sales order entry through to production of job cards with the complete bill of materials – with all secondary operations covered for full traceability. 

So What Can It Do?

The simple answer is - everything! - And we automate as much as possible

Firstly – we cover all CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features from Customer Accounts (Trade and Retail, On Account and Card Payments), Marketing and Lead Generation from those Customers – Multiple Addresses and Contacts come as standard. Bolt on the ERP Features (Electronic Resource Planning) to cover all of your Ordering, Stock Control, Purchasing and Deliveries. Add on the MRP features (Material Resource Planning) to manage everything production related to include materials, job cards and labels. Then throw in the Accounts Features to invoice your customers, keep on top of Credit Control – and a whole lot more! 

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Increase Efficiencies

With Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things being the key phrases in 2021- utilising a modern and easy to use Business Management System will help you to streamline your business . This will become the backbone of your organisation, giving you the competitive advantage.

Capture data

By containing ALL of your data in one place, you remove the option of human error. No duplication of entering the same data - no need for separate spreadsheets or word documents, everything is in one place.

increase profits

'Lean' and 'Continual Improvement' are vital principles within increasing productivity and therefore profitability within your warehouse or factory environment. These are the same principles within a professional Business Management System.

360-degree view

Why use multiple sources for tracking information - keep everything in one place - as the business grows, Spitfire will scale with the growth. Manage your sales, accounting, inventory, production, warehousing and distribution.